Lodge Your Tax Return and Beat the Deadline

Lodge Your Tax Return and Beat the Deadline

Sunday, the 31st of October is the official deadline for lodging your 2009-2010 tax return. This is true whether you plan on lodging electronically, or if you decide to paper lodge. All individual 2009-2010 returns lodged after the 31st of October may be subject to FTL (Failing to Lodge) penalties and interest on tax owed, so if you owe any tax to the ATO you should lodge as quickly as possible. Lodge your tax return prior to midnight through ELodge.com.au to avoid these complications.

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2 Responses to “Lodge Your Tax Return and Beat the Deadline”

  1. Emily Pyke says:

    I just lodged my 2009-2011 tax return this morning 1st November 2011. I spoke with one of your support staff, Glenda was her name and she told me it would be unlikely for me to incur a fine. If this is not the case, I would appreciate it if someone could contact me regarding this issue and let me know what the fine is and how it will occur. Thank you Emily

  2. Tax Advisor says:

    Hi Emily,

    Our office is separate from the customer service center. We suggest you contact Glenda and speak directly to her about any potential fines.

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