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Where is My ATO Tax Refund?

Where is My ATO Tax Refund?

Still waiting for you refunds from the ATO? Wondering how long it takes to actually get some ATO tax back? Well, at least this year, the ATO has an excuse for why tax refunds are taking so long and why so many people are having to wait to get their tax back.

They say it’s the new organizational system they put into place to process the e-lodged returns. The way the sorting is done has caused some hiccups in recent months, which has caused back-log, which has caused a lot of us tax payers to sit on our thumbs while we wait for that ATO tax refund we were promised months ago.

However, at this point they have largely caught up with return processing. This means if you haven’t heard from any people at an ATO tax office, your return could have been flagged for some issues. These range from simple mistakes like the wrong date of birth, forgetting to fill out a page, or giving the incorrect bank number to much larger issues like fraudulent claims.

In fact, a lot of the ATO tax returns this year contained a fraud–over 25,000 with $113 million dollars of fraud total. This fraud could be intentional or a huge mistake on either the part of the tax lodger or the tax agent. If you suspect that your refund is being help because your ATO tax lodgement was fraudulent, the best thing to do is contact either the ATO or your tax agent. Hopefully it can all be sorted out in short order from there.

As a final note, if your ATO tax return was prepared by someone else and found to be fraudulent, I suggest you get a new tax agent as soon as possible. No one should wait for a refund longer than necessary and no one should risk their money or credit because of a poor provider. Research your tax agent and make sure they’re reputable before lodging next year and ditch ‘em if they got you implicated in fraud!

Photo via Helga Weber on Flickr.

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5 Responses to “Where is My ATO Tax Refund?”

  1. Vincent Haimona says:

    I would like to know the progress of my return thanks.

  2. Jason dankiewicz says:

    It’s been 17days and I haven’t got my tax refund back? How can I find out when it will be put in my bank?

  3. melissa lynch says:

    I have given my account the wrong bsb to you so is that why I have no got my refund what do I have to thanks

  4. Tax Advisor says:

    Hi Jason,

    The best thing to do is to contact the ATO directly:

  5. Tax Advisor says:

    Hi Melissa,

    If you have lodged your return with us and you believe you may have given us the wrong bsb, please log in to your account and leave us a message on your account by going to the Contact Us tab of your Status Page. Alternately you can phone our office directly on 03 5174 0961 Monday – Friday
    10:00 AM – 4:00 PM AEST.

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