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How do I lodge a tax return?

  •  Lodge your tax return online from the comfort of your own home through a registered tax agent
  •  Visit your local accountant and have a tax agent lodge your return, or
  •  Lodge a self-prepared return directly through the ATO.

With E-Lodge, you can:

Lodge from the comfort of your own home.

Avoid the hassle of going to a local tax accountant. Lodge your tax return online from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use website.

Steer clear of hefty fees.

Using E-lodge ensures that you are not hit with hefty fees. We are proud to offer the most competitive online prices.

Get your refund fast.

With the assistance of our tax accountants, we advise you on how to get your maximum refund.

We work to make your life easier.

Get in depth review by our tax accountants.

Your tax agent ensures that your return is accurate. They work with you to resolve any errors or possible audit triggers. The information will also be reviewed for anything you might have overlooked. E-Lodge will get your maximum refund.

With E-Lodge, DIY taxes have never been easier.

Create an account with our website, breeze through each section and watch your refund calculate automatically! E-Lodge provides FAQs, tools and customer assistance for your convenience. Lodge your tax return and receive your refund easily.

Have peace of mind.

E-Lodge is here to safeguard your account information. We follow industry standards to protect the confidentiality of your information. Feel at home with us.

Don't want to pay right away? No worries!

E-lodge allows our fees to be deducted from your refund. Have your refund transferred to your international bank account even if you live abroad.

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