Tax Tools

Calculate Your Expected Tax Bill or Refund

If you're nearly ready to lodge your latest tax return, or a prior year's return which you've left off until now, you may wish to know what you're in for ahead of time. With a simple overview of your tax information, we can let you know what to expect in terms of your tax owed or your available refund. No need for the personal details - just plug in the numbers you've got handy, and we'll show you our best prediction of what will turn up on your final tax return.

Calculate Your Paycheques and PAYG Withholdings

If you work for an employer, you'll want to know whether the withholdings from your pay covers your tax. If you've got more than enough withholding, then you're nearly guaranteed a refund at the end of the tax year. If you haven't got enough withholding, then you could have a tax payable. Our calculator will present you with the correct amount of withholding based on your pay. We'll also break down the amounts you'd be paid after tax, depending on your regular pay period.