How Long Does It Take to Get My Tax Refund?

How Long Does It Take to Get My Tax Refund?

Patience is a virtue; which is why waiting for your tax refund is the toughest part.

The heavy lifting is done. You’ve packed your bags and purchased your ticket. The only thing left to do is wait for the bus to pull into the station.


How long does it take for the ATO to issue a refund?

Typically, your tax refund can be issued within 10-14 business days. The ATO doesn’t leave you hanging on purpose. However, you should keep in mind that they are one entity handling a bulk of the country’s finances. With that in mind, they have shortened the process a bit by allowing you to receive your refund via two options; essentially cutting out paper checks. You’ll be able to receive your tax refund by:

  1. your Australian bank account, or
  2. your foreign bank account


Are there reasons why it may take longer than 10-14 days to receive my refund?

The ATO gives us a two-week time frame to process a tax refund. For some, this process could take longer. Here are a few reasons why a refund could take longer than expected to process : 

  1. If you’re lodging previous year tax returns at the same time as your current year tax return
  2. If you forgot to enter or mistakenly entered the wrong information such as your date of birth, your bank account information, etc.
  3. If your return needs to be further checked by the ATO. This could be the case if;
    • the ATO needs more information or data checked with the Department of Human Services
    • the ATO notices potential errors (ie: overstated claims)
    • you have insolvency-related obligations


Can I track the progress of my tax refund? 

Whether or not your refund is taking longer than expected, you might want to track the status of your refund by using the ATO’s Progress of Return tool. The tool will help you better understand the whereabouts of your refund and when you can expect to see it in your bank account.


Keep in mind- the sooner you lodge, the sooner you’ll receive your tax refund! 

Now, are you ready to catch that bus?

Make sure you’ve purchased your ticket before boarding. Lodge your tax return today with E-Lodge. We’re here to help you receive the maximum refund possible. To see what our current customers have to say about their experience with us, check us out on Trustpilot!


Updated 4 August 2016.


11 Responses to “How Long Does It Take to Get My Tax Refund?”

  1. Subash sharma says:

    I had apply my tax refund 3 weeks early but till date its under processing when ever I check at e lodge. Can you give me some idea what is going into?

  2. Tax Advisor says:

    Hi Subash,

    I was unable to locate your account with the email addressed provided on this blog article. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our tax professionals via email, telephone or live-chat. We would be more than happy to assist you and let you know why your tax return is still in the processing phase.

  3. Tax Advisor says:

    Please ring the ATO at 13 28 61 to inquire further on the progress of your lodgment.

  4. Julie says:

    Hi there
    I submitted my tax return on the 13th July and the ATO received it 3 days later. It has gone from processing credit to under review but still showing credit and effective date tomorrow 25th July?

  5. Tax Advisor says:

    Hello Julie,
    You can contact the ATO for further details about your return.

  6. Dragica says:

    If my tax return says balancing how long till it’s finalised

  7. Tax Advisor says:

    Hello Dragica,

    If the status of your tax return says “Balancing account,” it means that your tax return is still in progress. The ATO is determining your refund. Please go to this link for more information:

  8. Bianca says:

    Hi, i have lodged my tax since July 9th and i havent received anything by now. It said it has been issued on 14 of July. Could you let me know is everything okay?
    **I am currently have left Australia

  9. Curtis says:

    I lodged my return on the 11th of July and still haven’t received anything, what could the problem be?

  10. Tax Advisor says:

    Hello Curtis,
    The ATO may sometimes take longer if it is undergoing additional review. You can contact the ATO for more details.

  11. Tax Advisor says:

    Hello Bianca,

    Please contact the ATO for assistance in this matter. Thank you.

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