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Backpacker’s Guide to Australian Tax

You’re a backpacker. That puts you somewhere between a tourist and a…resident?

Actually, yes. The Australian Tax Office may consider you an Australian resident for tax purposes under certain circumstances. As a backpacker, there are some other things you should know as well that could affect your tax return. We know you’re out and about so let’s not waste time getting down to the most frequently asked questions.


Are you a resident for tax purposes?

This sounds like a trick question. You don’t have a permanent residence here. Your family doesn’t necessarily live here. You left your dog with your mom when you came here. However, when it comes to taxes, residency is based on what you do while you’re touring the country. As a resident, you are able to lodge a tax return and claim tax back. If you are deemed a nonresident, then you are not eligible for a refund.

Generally speaking, the ATO considers you a resident for tax purposes if ANY of the following applies:

  • You have always lived in Australia.
  • You moved to Australia and live here permanently.
  • You have been in Australia for at least six months, and for most of the time, you have been working the same job and living at the same place.
  • You have been in Australia for more than half of the financial year, unless your usual home is overseas and you do not intend to live in Australia.

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Who Can Receive Disability Support Pension Payments?

If you received disability support pension in 2013-2014, you’ll need to report it on a 2014 tax return.

Do you, a friend or a family member have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric condition? If so, you most likely know  the importance of receiving financial support.

There’s bills to pay, food to buy, and fees that go along with medicine and treatment. Without being able to work, how can these items be paid for?

Luckily, the Australian Government offers financial support to those with disabilities via the Centrelink Disability Support Pension.

Keep in mind if you or someone you know receives this payment, it must be reported on an Australian tax return.

What Is Disability Support Pension?

Disability Support Pension is financial support for people who cannot work  because they are limited by any of the following;

  • a physical condition
  • a intellectual condition
  • a psychiatric condition
  • permanent blindness

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How To Claim Widow Allowance as a Senior Australian

In order to claim the Widow Allowance you must have been born on or before 1 July 1955

If you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, then you know first hand how difficult it can be. Not only emotionally, but in some cases, financially.

More specifically, losing your spouse can be devastating.

If you have in fact lost your spouse,  you may qualify to receive Centrelink Widow Allowance  payments.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to report any payments received from Centrelink on your Australian tax return. Before doing so, click the link below to find out if you’re eligible to save $10 on your 2014 Tax Return;

How To Save $10 While On Centrelink

What is the Widow Allowance?

As described on the Australian Government Human Services website, the Widow Allowance offers financial help to women born on or before 1 July 1955 with no recent workforce experience that have become widowed, divorced or separated since turning 40.

Who Qualifies to Receive the Widow Allowance?

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How to Save $10 As a Backpacker in Australia

Are you a backpacker in Australia? Here’s how to save $10 with E-Lodge!

A wise man once said “Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”

As a backpacker, your life is a model of these words.

You’re an explorer, adventurer and always ready for a new adventure. Most importantly, you have no qualms or fear of the unknown. We want to reward this fearless attitude.

How to Lodge an Australian Tax Return As a Non-Resident

While backpacking through Australia, you may have experienced a few must-do-Australian activities like;

  • surfing the Gold Coast
  • diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  • sailing to the Whitsundays

To cover the costs of these Australian adventures,  you may have been forced to work a few side jobs while backpacking. If so, you’ll need to report this income on an Australian tax return. Read the rest of this entry »

Use Our E-Lodge Coupon Code if You Receive Newstart Allowance

Receive the Newstart Allowance? We want to help too.

If you are eligible and currently receive the Newstart Allowance, we have a special discount for you: take $5 off your E-Lodge tax return preparation fees!

Newstart Blog Coupon

We understand that looking for a new job can be tough. We wanted to reward you even further for sticking it out and continuing on your job search.


To use your E-Lodge coupon code today and save on your 2015 tax return preparation fee, follow these three steps;

  1. Create an E-Lodge account.
  2. Enter your information into the tax application and select your payment option.
  3. On the Payment Summary Page, enter the coupon code NEWSTART5 and click Submit.


Newstart Allowance Eligibility Criteria

The Newstart Allowance is designed for unemployed Australians to receive  payments from the Australian government agency known as Centrelink .

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Used E-Tax in the Past? Try E-Lodge for your 2015 Taxes

Did you lodge with E-Tax prior year? If so, do you remember how much time you spent reporting your tax information?

One hour, two hours or maybe even the majority of your day? We’re sorry to hear you ended up wasting time that you’ll never get back.

We wouldn’t want you to make the same mistake twice. Instead, we want to offer you a better way to lodge your taxes. 

We Understand Doing Taxes Isn’t Fun

Let’s be honest…

  1. doing taxes isn’t fun
  2. your time is limited

So why spend unnecessary amounts of time lodging with a tax site that leaves you feeling frustrated and confused?

Although the law requires you to report your income, the law doesn’t require you to use the same tax service year after year. That means, you can learn from the past and choose a faster, more “user-friendly” online tax service this year. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Steps to Estimate Tax Back with a Tax Return Calculator

Yes, you can get an estimate of your tax back or tax due with online tax calculator. 

The E-Lodge income tax calculator will calculate how much your tax refund will be this year.

If you’re not expecting a tax refund, the tax return calculator will instead tell you how much tax you owe on your taxable income for 2014-2015 financial year.

After following three simple steps, you’ll instantly see the tax calculator results.

To see your tax refund or tax due total, you’ll only need a few minutes! In fact, you can even use the E-Lodge tax calculator right now!

How to get your tax return estimate with the E-Lodge tax calculator

To see your tax refund or tax due for the 2014-2015 financial year,  follow these three steps;

Step 1- Enter your personal info

Step 2- Enter your income information

Step 3- Enter other details of your income

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Save $5 on Your 2014 Taxes With an E-Lodge Coupon

Hey there Australian Taxpayers, here’s how to save $5 this tax season!

Tax season is here. What’s better than completing your tax return within minutes?

Completing your tax return within minutes while saving money! After all, time and money are your most valuable assets.

Here’s a $5 coupon to use towards your 2014 tax return;

E-Lodge Coupon Code= ELODGEBLOG14

You deserve it. In fact, you can take advantage of the coupon and lodge your 2014 tax return today with E-Lodge!

How to use the E-Lodge coupon and save $5 on your 2014 tax return 

What good is a coupon if you don’t know how to use it? You’ll need to enter your coupon code on your E-Lodge account in order to save yourself the $5.

To do so follow these three steps;

  1. Create a 2013-2014 E-Lodge account
  2. Enter your information into the tax application and select your payment options
  3. On the Payment Summary Page, enter the coupon code ELODGEBLOG14 and click “Submit”

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How Much Will I Get Back? Australian Tax Calculator 2015

Use the E-Lodge Tax Calculator 2015 to see your tax refund or tax due

As the Australian tax season carries on, the anticipation of your expected tax refund or tax due may be growing by the day.

The unknown number might be lurking around in your mind. You might even have a few sleepless nights trying to calculate it all out in your head.

Instead of letting anxiety get the best of you, let us help you stop guessing with the E-Lodge 2015 tax calculator*!

*If you need to check on your current year refund or tax due amount, we also have a 2016 calculator available to you!


How to Calculate Your 2015 Taxes

To learn how much your tax refund or tax due will be this year you have two options;

  1. Use 2014-2015 tax return calculator
  2. Prepare your tax return

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10 Changes to the Australian Tax Return 2014

Life is full of change. No, not the change in your pocket. The change which is often expected and other times, completely unexpected.

In fact, the only thing constant is change. That newborn baby you brought home from the hospital has grown and changed before your eyes.

Your once slim and muscular body has transformed into the body of…. well, let’s just say a “softer” person. Or if you’re disciplined,  your once unfit body has gradually changed and transformed for the better. The list of life changes- that we are sometimes completely unaware of- goes on and on.

Change also applies to the law, government and more specifically, taxation. Throughout certain years, the updated Australian tax return incorporates major changes.

Not any major changes but some may affect your 2013-2014 tax return

Although the taxation changes that affect your 2014 Australian tax return aren’t drastic, they still may affect you. With that said, before lodging your 2013- Read the rest of this entry »