Tax Return Calculator 2014

Chances are you weren’t born an accountant. Don’t bother trying to calculate your tax refund or tax due total. Let us do the work.

Short of actually doing your taxes, the best way to plan for the near tax future is to use a tax return calculator. Rather than pulling your hair out while crushing numbers, use the 2014 E-Lodge tax calculator and instantly view your tax refund amount (or tax due).

Save $5 On Your 2014 Tax Return

To use the E-Lodge calculator, you’ll first need to enter your basic personal information.  This includes your;

  • gross taxable income
  • deductions total
  • total tax withheld
  • age
  • residency status

After entering your personal information, you’ll simply answer a few questions that could potentially affect your tax situation such as your;

  • reportable fringe benefits
  • employer superannuation contributions
  • marital status
  • number of dependents
  • total SFSS or HECS/ HELP debt

Like magic, the tax calculator will then provide you with your tax refund or tax due total. Even an accountant whiz couldn’t work as fast as the E-Lodge calculator.

Don’t waste your time using other tax calculators 

We understand that you don’t have time to waste. After all, you  have places to go, people to see and babies in glasses to awe over.

That’s why we’ve created a calculator that gives you instant results. Not only that, but the number you’ll receive is an accurate estimate rather than a miscalculation. Other tax calculators out there only prompt users to enter their income before spitting out a uniform amount.

Instead, the E-Lodge tax calculator takes into account tax code complexities to ensure you’ll receive the most accurate results possible.

Prepare your 2014 tax return to learn your exact tax refund or tax due amount

The E-Lodge tax calculator is only capable of providing a rough estimate of your tax liability. If you have a complex financial situation the calculator won’t be able to take into account every offset and deduction you may qualify for

Want an exact number? The only way to get an accurate picture of what you’ll owe or how much you’ll get back is to actually prepare your return using E-Lodge’s online tax application.

E-Lodge is free to try and allows you to see your tax refund or tax payable before you decide to lodge and pay.To get started, simply create an account with E-Lodge.

Although the E-Lodge calculator is the fastest and simplest income tax calculator online, you might just want to get your taxes done with already.

… So what are you waiting for? Lodge your 2013-2014 return today with E-Lodge!